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Southern United States
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North Carolina, United States
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Sweet Person


Left Of Self Centered, US
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The Show Reviews Of My Top 5 Camgirls.

These camgirls are just my personal favorites at a moment in time. Click their profile to see for yourself what you think of these girls.


My New Number One Choice - Natural Redhead

I really like her as a person and a redheaded hottie. She looks magical, Kind of like an elf with her long red hair and sky blue eyes. A top feature of her body is her ass. She is so hot and nice that she has a cult following. Many girls have followers, But these guys really lover her and I can see why. She is petit and has the brighest tattoos of flowers on her right arm. Her shows start off slow and you get to really know her laid back style. She isn't rushing you and I have not ever seen her be rude to her fans. I have only seen her do solo shows, I have not seen her do a show with another man or woman. But her shows do get very wild. The slow build up is what makes her masturbation shows so special. She likes her toys and this camgirl likes to give you nice shows with her toys. Like sucking on her dildo POV style. The rapport with her fans is beautiful to watch. She usually has the people with no tokens silenced. Which is great, Because those guys would flood the chat room with text. With any chat room you just want to observe a while and learn about the person. Read her bio and see what she likes and dislikes. This girl has the most beautiful smile and laugh you have to experience for yourself.

Number 2

My Number Two Pick - Long Black Hair

Camgirl that is small in stature but big in heart. Long black hair and creamy white skin. Got a cross between a goth look and nerdy college girl. But she is hot. Perfect ass and body. Very interactive and likes to talk with people while she has her legs spread open for you to see. I have only seen her do solo shows, but I know for a fact she has sucked dick on cam. Dark beautiful eyes and a flirty voice keep the tips coming in. Red lips and amazing white teeth sell the whole package. It is the little things she does, Like sucking on her finger while putting on lip gloss that make her beautiful. You should see her picture above if she is on, Because she is usually in the top five spots when she is on. Go ahead and click above to see her pics and you will see what I mean. I talk about how nice and cute she is, But she gets real hardcore, real fast.


My Number Three Girl - An Angel - Click Here To Check Her Out

A young, teen American camgirl. New to the camgirl scene. Long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. All around, cute girl. I like how she sucked a thick red rubber dildo. She rakes in the tokens and has a huge following. Check out her profile by clicking above. If you are lucky, She is on right. If not, She has a free video of her taking a cum load to the mouth. She also some girl/girl stuff in there. During her cam show, She lubed up her pussy and shoved the same dildo she was sucking on into her hole. For such a cute, young thing, She sure did take that thick dildo deep into her cunt. She had a green schoolgirl skirt on and white knee high socks while she was fucking herself. There is something about her mouth that puts her over the edge of beauty if you ask me. Oh yes, Perfect tits. Nice big, natural ones.


Number 4 Girl On My List

American girl with light blue hair. Nice person, Seems like a West Coast type of girl. A thin, white girl that doesn't mind playing with her ass a little. I saw her lube up a huge, purple rubber dildo. Then she straddled it. Creaming all over that dildo in a close up view from behind. Her pussy was stretched by that big rubber dildo. She rode it hard and moaned when she gyrated on it. With a smile she answers the chatters questions for a while, Then she straddles her rubber boyfriend again. Even though her pussy was sore, she took it. At her goal, She inserted a butt plug into her ass. As she double penetrated herself with her dildo and her butt plug, She moaned and let the viewing audience watch her cum.


My Number Five Girl Now - Dirty, Dark Haired American Girl

If you need a dirty woman. This is the camgirl to watch. Petite, but bad girls can come in small packages. The dark hair and dark eyes make me think of a sexy, demon girl. She has videos of her available of her getting fucked by a guy. But I have only seen her put on solo shows. I watched her lube up her butthole with her fingers. Then she took a silver butt plug and stuck it up her ass. Letting out a small moan as she did this on her bed in her bedroom. That wasn't the end of the show either. She kept putting different dildos into her butt. She squirted some lube on her hand and lubed up again. This time she used a long black dildo and put it in her ass. She twisted the dildo in and you could see the dildo rotating by itself in her butt.

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