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New girl lissa96. Just added her as number 1 on my personal top 5. Lisa is an educated and smart webcam girl. Incredible ass. Sweet face. I think she looks like Selena Gomez. Pierced tongue and humonguos tits.



Cat is a new girl that I just started watching. Heavily tattoeed with tats all over her butt and arms. Top ranking webcam girl. She has no problem getting real nasty. Fingering her asshole or sticking dildos up her butt.



Banginbrooke is a dark haired girl based out of Florida. Sometimes she performs by herself, sometimes she is with her man. I have seen her with 2 guys. She is a bad girl. Banginbrooke can get nasty. There is a double dildo scene in her profile, so you know she has done lesbian on cam before.



Aka Princess Susana. Brunette with brown eyes. Tattoo under her right breast. Cute, young thing that likes to dance and flash. Seems too sweet to do anything hardcore, But I saw her moaning and really getting into a big blue vibrator. The way she had her toes curled let me know that the orgasm was real. Uses a high quality webcam, That makes all the difference. Feels like she is right in the room with you.



Long haired girl. Petite with brown hair. Looks like a nice college girl, You gotta see her slow dance. Lucky you, If you catch her in her yoga pants. I can't decide which is hotter, the tight fitting shorts or the yoga pants. Follow her shows, and you decide!
There you have it. Rounding out my choices for the top 5 cam girls. I really need to find a hot blonde to add to the list. I will keep looking and you need to keep checking back to see if I have made any changes to my list.

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